Friday, July 10, 2009

blue quilt

I started this denim quilt 1977; my second quilt to start. My husband was still a college student and we had been married for a year. I finished it several years later when I added the border. My notes say it was finished in 1981; so it is 1 of my first 4 quilts.......... the first one I started is STILL not finished. (The order of started quilts is definitley NOT the same order as finished quilts; not at my house anyway..) It has a polyester batting and was finished envelope style so has no binding. I used a red sheet for the back. This was the quilt Brian slept under most of the time. I could never understand how he could stand it since it is so heavy. It has always needed to be washed at the laundrymat since it won't fit in a regular machine. You can see where it has gotten holes in careful about which worn bits of denim you use. There are also worn bits all around the edge where it was turned under to meet the back. binding might have been a samrter way to go. The design worked well with the denim because it doesn't have a bunch of seams meeting so the seams are not real bulky. Other denim quilts I've made were just squares and 4 seams meeting together were very bulky.


Baby Boomer Grammy said...

That is an awesome denim quilt! It's interesting to know the history behind it.

Patty Cake said...

I have at least 4 boxes of jeans to put into quilts, maybe it's time to start. This is really attractive. I like the bigger pieces and love the contrasts.