Monday, July 6, 2009

Friday, July 3rd

Friday night the scouts came over to pack up the trailer so they could leave early Saturday morning. I was just a little bogged down. One mother came in to say 'hi;' brought her younger child in to play with the grandkids which was WONDERFUL! They had just started to whine and get on my nerves cause I wanted to get the kitchen cleaned up...Becky just rolled up her sleeves and helped me in the kitchen until it was cleaner than it had been since the grandkids came. WONDERFUL FRIEND.
I find that the older the scoutmaster gets and the older the scoutmaster's wife gets the harder it is to find stuff and get it all together for the camp-outs. I think we are missing a whole organization gene between the 4 of us in this house. That means each of us has less than 1/4 of that important gene. It's a problem.

How many 57 year old Scoutmasters do you know? I wonder if there is a graph somewhere about the age of scoutmasters? When do you get to old to do this?
Since my children are concerned if I post about being home alone I decided I'd write the posts and just post them a week late.

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