Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This is the shortest 'work in slow project' I have completed this year. I started the book only a year ago when grandson #4 was born. a project that was supposed to take 2 weeks to make took a year. I blogged about it here and here. Unfortunately this book has a 'loose leaf' kind of 'binding' soooo you could say it is never done 'cause I could certainly add to it if I ever go crazy again and decide it is fun to make messes in the sewing room....you're right of course I'll do that again but not for Austins' book! So, although I'd like to do at least one more page, because I've already given it to him I CAN CALL IT FINISHED IT I WANT TO. (Since I've not managed to finish any other project this month it is important to my mental well being to claim at least one thing finished this month!)

The ribbons on the side concerned me a bit. I love the purple feathers and so does Austin, but how sanitary could they be? Once I got home and could use scraps of my own ribbon I realized how nice it was to use up some odd bits of ribbon and rick rack. Melissa loves rick rack so I added it where I could.
The blackboard is a vinyl type fabric and can easily melt if ironed. Don't ask me how I know.
The brown pocket worked out as a great place to put the chalk and the brown fleece I cut for the eraser. The brown corduroy is a scrap of the baby's father's pants.
This page is made from a felted wool sweater and I traced around a 3 year olds hand in my ward to get it the right size. If I started over I think I would have used a marker for the lettering instead of embroidery, it would have been faster and just fine for the baby.


Liz said...

Carter is still waiting for his. :)

Mel said...

Hey!!! How can you say it is done?? It doesn't even have a cover page! He really likes the sun page, he likes to feel the beads and he still loves the feather!