Sunday, April 5, 2009

nightmare border

Innocently I had a vision of triangles  on either side of plain border. After consulting a book on borders and with my math specialist (husband with Jeffrey putting his 2 cents in). I started cutting. I gave myself a week. I figured I'd be done in 2 days, top. It's taken hours and the whole week to get it to this point; it still needs corners.

I sewed 120 triangles together and they were 1/8 to big at every point...that adds up really fast so it didn't fit. I kept the vision; although I argued with myself repeatedly about how lovely the quilt was with just the plain border... I redid the math; the sizes were right. I examined the seams; obviously larger than the triangle seams. So I ripped apart every other triangle and then just resewed the remaining seam. Last night I marked the lines to make sure the points lined up and pinned the new and improved border on. Oh, my, there were 6 triangles that were clearly to large to ease in. The plain border was looking even better to me.  I went to bed.

At midnight the solution came to me.It involved a lot of ripping-remember half of the seams had been sewn twice. At 2 a.m. I went back to bed with 2 borders fixed and a plan for the other 2. It involved paper piecing the 8 sections that had to be redone. I'm NOT going to do a border like this again for a LONG time.

Stash busting for week 14
I bought no fabric this week;
I used no fabric up this week. 

year to date;
in 13.43 yards
out 64.4 yards
used 50.97 yards MORE than I purchased this year.
It's looking like I'll have 2 projects finished next week. 

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Brenda said...

I can feel your frustrtion. And yes, it would be a horrible thing to have to go through, I don't know if I would have had the patience!! But, Look at you!! You did It!!! You figured it out!! You took the time and it's going to be beautiful and special, and it's all because of YOU!!!!!

I am proud of you!! And even if you don't do another one of these for a few weeks, (or months, or years even!!) You know you can do it 'cause you already have!! Excellant job!! Miss Math Wiz!!!!