Monday, April 6, 2009

Brian's birthday

Today is Brian's birthday and I'd planned to do a post about him ... but I haven't found (or looked for) the slides I wanted to use. He's the cute red-head in the magician costume. He would have been 27 years old today.

Last Monday I started listing my goals for the week and it really helped me stay on task.  I didn't finish everything I started to do but I got more done than I usually do. So first my report;
FOOD: We (yeah, that's I) followed the menu till Friday. No Fish, No beans
HOUSE: The guest room is cleaner
the path to the house did get cleaned...well it to got cleaner but a lot cleaner.
SPIRITUAL: I listened to 8 hours of conference but didn't write in my journal, but I did post which is almost a journal.
CREATIVE: I got the border on the basket quilt and blogged about it yesterday. You can see my 2 dark blocks-I made 3 but while trimming it cut it 1/2 inch too small. :(
I worked on the long arm computer stuff and made some headway. I made 2 zipper pouches. (Currently filled with candy.) I started my 'long arm journal quilt'; I'll blog about it soon...
EXERCISE: I failed to go to the gym 4 times but I did have kids home sick 3 days last week and still managed to go 2 times. And logged it.
Next week is going to be slower since my goal is to keep my parents happy and fed. 
Exercise 3 times.
Quilt 1 quilt.

I'm really into goals today; I'm just too busy to write about them.
cupcakes 24
devilled eggs 24
dinner by 5
guest room cleaned
bathroom cleaned
quilt guild meeting
:) smile


Patty Cake said...

Wow! You really did accomplish a lot today. I hope your guild meeting went well. Say hello to Mom and Dad. I love the light and dark blocks. Since you have limited variety, maybe wider pieces? Although I like the way they are.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Brian! I remember visiting with him at a church dance shortly before he was in the hospital the last time. He was always so nice. Even visiting him in the hospital he was so calm and seemed reassured. I think about him often.