Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My baby is 12 today!

I know and you know that he was just born yesterday but he thinks it's been 12 years... where did the years go? Yesterday morning about 11 he started kindergarten and then towards 3 he started cub scouts and about 3:20 he won a pinewood derby race... I think the highlight of his life so far.

This is a pretty lame birthday post but I am getting sicker and sicker...

I baked the worst cake of my life and it seemed to take forever. We are throwing it in the trash; 1 lb of butter $8 worth of chocolate, 1 bowl, almost a whole jar of raspberry jam.

AS you can tell I had the choice of bad and worse photos to show... (and we are OUT of birthday candles but this may even be better!)
He really is a great kid! We love him.


Angela said...

Happy birthday little brother!

Mel said...

So... Jeffrey gets matches and Andrew gets HUGE GINOROMOUS CANDLES... are we playing favorites here? Just kidding. Looks like a fun time. Happy Birthday Bro.. just for the record I called you yesterday, but you were at scouts!!!!