Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get Well SOON or the laundry cure

Today J. woke up with a 'VERY sore throat' so I let him stay home from school. A. woke up with a very big project due tomorrow that I made him stay home and finish. At 9:30 A. was finished and begging me to take him to school immediately! Turns out today was Science day with loads of science labs planned. I was so mean I told him he'd better eat breakfast first then I mentioned to the novel reading very sick boy that he should drink something and eat because when I got back from taking Andrew to school WE were going to fold laundry... about 5 loads. Guess what? 10 minutes later J. asked me to wait while he got his backpack 'cause he 'felt much better.'

So when you're sick look at a giant pile of laundry and it will make you better!?? 
I guess that won't work for Moms.
(If I was a good blogger I would take a photo of the laundry just so y'all could feel better... but I'm a bad blogger.)


Liz said...

Sounds great I would rather rough it in the nurses office than fold laundry! But actually when I was there the middle school nurse was mean now the high school nurse was really nice.

Angela said...

Yeah you'll have to remember the laundry next time. I think that would have gotten me to school on those mornings.