Monday, January 26, 2009


I went shopping with a friend. If my friend hadn't NEEDED to go shopping for sashing and corner blocks and NEEDED my help choosing the fabric I would never have gone shopping and found something that NEEDED  to come home with me. I bought lining for a linen quilted bag and a piece for a beautiful christmas quilt I'll get out to work on when I FINISH quilting the 2 that had my minimal quilting done on. So today my stash report is;

 in: 3 yards
out: 0 yards

year to date
in: 3 yards
out: 9.8 yards

net: - 6.8

I did have a friend gift me with fabric but I'm not counting it since I didn't spend any money on it. Of course when I use it I will count it against my stash though.  :)

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Leavitt's said...

I really like seeing your quilts, wish I had as much skill as you