Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lemon Cookies

I made a single batch of these lemon cookies last night. I should have doubled it. They don't raise so could be put close together on the cookie sheet. I used all the zest of one lemon in the cookie, and the zest of another half in the frosting. Very Lemony. Good.


Baby Boomer Grammy said...
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Baby Boomer Grammy said...

Thanks for introducing your blog buddies to the cooking site-- lemon cookies look so yummy-will have to try them, and the cranberry cinnamon rolls. The baby quilt pattern is called "Brave New World" from a book I got at JoAnne's called "Even More Quilts for Baby, easy as ABC". What kind of thread do you use for piecing and machine quilting? I've been using Mettler 100% cotton, silk finished, because it leaves so little lint in my machine. Do you have a better suggestion? My daughter-in-law selected and ordered that cute animal print material online. (I was the one who deleted the previous comment because I said "lemon cookies look lemony" when I meant "yummy".