Friday, January 16, 2009

my face

I must have a face that says; 'I need your fabric.'  Go ahead look at my face in the sidebar...Doesn't it say something to you? Yesterday a friend showed up at my door with 2 boxes of fabric. Luckily only 1 zipper or I'd have had to throw her out! I believe this is the 6th time I've been gifted with someone's fabric when they change paths and decide they are not sewing anymore. I actually enjoy looking through it and deciding if I can do something with it or not.
This is the first time a quilt top has been included! Two of them. I love the liveliness of this. She bought both of them really cheaply 20 years ago at a garage sale. They were made by someone in a nursing home.  Hand pieced. 
I was excited.
Decided to press it. 
Oh My Word, it has ISSUES! Actual tucks in one block, another has the sashing gathered in the last 1/2 inch so it will fit the block. There is one green fabric that has rotted. There are spots where the pink doesn't reach the green so there is a hole. But I still like it. I thought it might still be worthwhile for me to quilt it just to see how much I can ease in and how it will look. It is definitely an eye-catching quilt; but will not be worth repairing and quilting, it will never be flat. It is called Kansas Troubles; aptly named I think. What do you think? I need advice. 
(Evidently 'sashing' is not an English word it keeps coming up as misspelled...I suppose I've been using for so long it seems right to me.)


Anonymous said...

It will teach you a lot if you quilt it. It doesn't have to be an heirloom quilt, but it will still be a great visually interesting one to have lying around. You can ease a lot, trust me. =) I do know you can't ease quite 7". One customer's quilt taught me that!

Quilt Hollow said... lucky to be gifted fabric! Even if it isn't exactly what you like but useful for backs! Nice friends you have!