Thursday, November 13, 2008

yellow fabric

My Mother is working on Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt. I told her I'd locate and send her some yellow fabric. I located some and stacked it neatly and lost it. I hunted for 3 days and finally went through my stash again and sent her some different ones. I found the first stack of yellows last night and here they are.

If my Mother would choose which ones she wants I will send them but I realize it may be too late or she likes the ones I already sent better. She only needs 2-3 to finish her yellow blocks so I hope she LOVES what I found in my 'shop'. (The keys are for scale.)

Of course most scraps tell a story so here are mine; from the top down.
  • from a quilt back
  • ?
  • I believe this is from my Grandmother's fabric collection
  • scraps from my first maternity dress; 1978
  • butterflies-very small piece- because my Mother collects butterflies.
  • old fashioned ?
  • sunflowers, because they make me happy
  • scrap from the group of square dance dresses my Mother made when I was a child-I think.
  • stripe-? (no story)

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