Thursday, November 13, 2008


I know I'm late posting about Halloween.... I was just reminded by my craving to go dig out a piece of their candy when I realized that there was none. We had a different Halloween this year, the boys are getting a little old but Jeffrey put his band uniform on and vampire teeth and Andrew put on his Link costume that we pulled together last year. The grabbed their bags and went; 15 minutes later they are back all excited about a neighbor. Roger went back with them to meet the neighbor and they were gone about an hour. Turns out our neighbor has a great hobby; he restores vintage pinball machines and for Halloween he opened his garage and let the kids play on them. Consequently they got about 1 cup of candy each and it was ALL gone by the next evening. ;(  I did not get a single piece.

I like this new tradition.

p.s. Jeffrey did not go trick or treating barefoot; this picture was taken Sunday when I bribed got them to put their costumes back on for a picture.

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