Friday, November 21, 2008

stumped again

I'm sure many of you would not have been puzzled by my boys' question last night; but I wasn't sure of the answer. For some reason (how DO boy's minds work?) they started by asking me if I liked concrete or asphalt better for roads  and why? We talked about the cost; concrete vs asphalt (I know concrete is more expensive but how much? why?) Then what is concrete or is it cement? What is the difference? I thought cement was the powdery stuff that glues the sand/gravel etc together to make concrete so I wasn't quite 'stumped' but I wasn't sure of my answers so I thought I'd check it out this morning.

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Ms. Porter said...

Kids are so interesting. I don't know all the differences but I do know that when I was growing up we used to say 'the sidewalks are cement' until my Uncle who is in the concrete biz corrected us and said that the sidewalks are concrete, cement is what is mixed to make concrete. Kinda like saying cake is cake is made with flour, flour is a necessary ingredient to cake.