Saturday, November 22, 2008

exercise guru

Y'all know how important exercise is to maintain or achieve a fit body. I have a new exercise routine out just in time for the holiday season. I started yesterday;
First choose a store; it needs to be big. Enter like you know what you want, forget why you're there, stride up and down in an attempt to have the merchandise jog your memory, decide to leave, as you leave the store remember what you need. It's important for your exercise routine that the item is located in the very back of the store, stride to the item, then purchase it. Enter the parking lot with no memory of having seen it before the intention to continue your exercising by race-walking up and down every aisle looking for until you get to your car. Be sure to repeat this at the next big store so that you will get the full benefit of this exercise routine.

Think how the big stores have contributed to our fitness level! Maybe we should all write them thank-you notes.

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Anonymous said...

This is just too funny. Why not send it to the WOW gals?