Friday, October 24, 2008

thanksgiving review

Last year after Thanksgiving I wrote a blog listing the things I thought would be nice to have for the next Thanksgiving. Since my brain is mush I looked back and reread the entry and found that I wanted a casserole dish for the sweet potatoes. The one I used last year was gold; okay but my china is blue and white and silver.... so either buy new china or get a dish that coordinates. I hunted and found this;
the local Linen's and things is going out of business and I noticed it was 17.99 then went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found nothing I liked. Checked out Tuesday morning they had something that would work for $19.99; Target had nothing but I noticed a plain 81/2 X 11 glass pan was $19.99 so I went back to Linens and Things and bought 3 of them.
I can see sweet potatoes in one, mashed potatoes in another and dressing in the third; and they will stay hot(you can't see it but there is space for 2 little tea lights under the dish); I'm excited to have the matching coordinating dishes.

How did I serve 30 Thanksgivings without them?

Now I just need to find a couple more serving spoons and 1 more clear glass pie pan and we'll be ready to start getting ready for the big day.

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Anonymous said...

I love this dish. Three married children, three dishes. Good math. I think they will serve you well and then some. pls