Saturday, October 25, 2008

the dominoe effect

I had the brillant idea to buy shelves. I felt like I could get more stuff in the sewing room if I put shelves to the ceiling and got rid of the assorted garage sale shelf unit and dresser currently on the wall. What a job; I found projects that I had forgotten exsisted hiding in the dim dark recesses of the drawers and the 2 big rubbermaid boxes stacked in the corner. I'd forgotten that I had:
  • the collection of flour sacks from my Grandmother
  • a large ziplock bag of nickel squares
  • my stash of 1930 reproduction fabric
  • cross-stitch stuff
  • a few batiks to put with the batik butterfly blocks (that I hadn't forgotten about)
  • the wood blanks to make tassels with
  • and a collection of snowflakes to use when I dye get snowflake fabric
Now to get it on the shelf in some kind of orderly, visible fashion so they can get finished. I may gift some of it to Goodwill- I don't think I will use Aida cloth anytime soon and the small amount of 1930's fabric will be put in with my other fabric.

The shelves are all built now but are not yet fastened to the wall or shelves put in since I lost the pegs for the CD tower's shelves. I think they are in the guest room but I can't get into the guest room since there is an extra dresser and shelf unit in the way.

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