Thursday, October 30, 2008

quilt festival

Because my Mother is working on a Grandma's Flower garden quilt I took these pictures at Quilt Festival today to show her. And yes I can still walk. Barely. 
I tried out several long-arm quilting machines last night and today.  I THINK I like the A-1 best so far. It 'rode' very smoothly even with the stitch regulator on... Two more days to decide. 
It's nice when you can go to more than one day to Festival; I got there well after the lines and still saw about half of the show and enough vendors to be happy. Tomorrow I can check out some other long arms and see the rest of the show.  Of course it's more expensive and I shouldn't spend that much money but it is tax deductible if I make this a business... so one more reason to do this. At least it is cheaper than airfare from New Zealand and Hotel here for a week.
Last year 54,000 people attended the Festival; the largest convention Houston hosts. If you click on the link you can see some of last year and this year quilts.

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