Wednesday, October 29, 2008

quilt festival tonight!

My title says it. Tonight is the preview night for Quilt Festival. I'm going. My first experience with quilt festival was in 1979. I went with an almost 3 month old Reed in a tummy pack and was blown away. I have been every year except 4 since then. One year I had a sick daughter home from school; I took her. Another year I really thought I'd have to miss since I had a broken foot; I waited until Saturday and borrowed or rented (I can't remember) a wheel chair and took both daughters with me. Never went so fast through the exhibits before or since. They are still talking about the kamakaze wheelchairer... I didn't attend while we lived in Virginia and one year Roger and I went to a funeral in Utah and missed it. One year Brian was VERY sick and I missed it without even missing it if you know what I mean. 
I can certainly come up with enough projects without visiting a ton of booths to get me excited about a different technique. I actually rarely buy more than a few dollars worth of stuff. Last year I bought:
  • a wood thingy for turning corners and pressing seams at the sewing machine. I actually use it. 
  • I bought a needle felting tool...never used; I'm buying some black wool fleece tonight so I can finish the spider I started and then I'll use it.
  • I bought a hook for making a rug, haven't used it yet but I'm gathering fabric so I can use it eventually ;p
  • Oh, and 1 piece of fabric; a black and white toile that is draped over the back of my couch right now and will eventually be... something quilted.
Not bad, when I see the bags of stuff many quilters come home with. This year I'll break the bank though with my plans to purchase a long-arm. I'm going all 3 days to try out and decide on which long-arm I want. I believe my brain will be mush by the time I listen to a multiple of sales people all urging me to buy their machine. Roger is planning on going Saturday to see the final choice.

I'll miss my parents since they have gone with me the last couple of years. Dad gamely pushing Mom in her wheelchair and I'm sure having a whale of a good time! We usually spend practically all of our time looking at the quilts since we only go one day. Hey, I'll post a picture from one of those years. Hang on while I dig it out of my shoe box..JK (just kidding)

The house quilt was made by children in a class where they used dye and designed their own house. Lovely. 2005.

The children were 1/2" x 1/2" pieces of fabric over-layed with net. 2006.

The Jacket was from 2007. The picture with my parents 2005. The snow scene one I loved and was exhibited in 2005.

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