Tuesday, September 30, 2008

long arm

Maybe you know that I'm not refering to someone's long arm but a sewing machine, y'all knew that right? I'm investigating getting one and starting a small business quilting for others. I've had a desire for one for a long time but for some reason the logistics of it didn't hit until a few weeks ago. I have been thinking about working but didn't want to give up being home while my kids are here nor my daily exercise at the gym. So while I could substitute teach or teach for that matter I would have to give up the exercise; so my mind was going round and round with it for about 2 YEARS, because I'm slow I guess. So I can exericise in the morning, quilt for others, be here in the afternoon and earn some money. I don't firgure it will be alot but I'm ready.  So I'm learning about 

  • Gammill
  • APQS
  • A-1
Are the main ones I'm looking at. There is also 
  • Tin Lizzie 
  • ABM Inova
  • Hinterburg Voyager 17
  • Nolting
Unfortunately I can't go the mall and test drive them all. I can go to Quilt Festival after Halloween and test drive them but I want it NOW. I can wait, I can wait, I can wait.

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bj said...

Oh, I am sooo glad to hear from you! I've enjoyed your blog in the past and then, Blogland being so large, I got side-tracked to other places. Thanks so much for coming to see me!
Please do try Tablescape Tuesday...it is so much fun. The only problem is that I am about to run out of place-settings...Guess when I do,I won't do TABLESCAPES any more. Fun while it is lasting, tho!!
love, bj