Thursday, August 21, 2008

new cookbook

So, my daughter created a monster. For the last 2 years I have been typing recipes into a file I labeled; Cookbook. I divided it into other folders and each recipe is a separate document. It worked fine for a while but there is no table of contents and finding a specific recipe became cumbersome. It was cumbersome on a quotidian level. So I talked to Liz about it. She told me how she does it; a much better way and she has a table of contents when she is done. So I have been copying recipes into a new folder called aacookbook and currently have 74 pages.
But it is eating up my life; so if anyone has a better way. Please. Do not tell me about it!

quotidian (a new word Andrew and I are trying to use today)

Okay, I'll be nice a paste a definition here for you.

derives from the Latin word for "daily" and refers to repetitive daily actions, events or routines — yet in typical usage carries a vaguely negative overtone. "Quotidian" is generally used to convey a sense of the mundane; that is, there is an implication of the 'commonplace' — often in the disparaging sense, and at the very least to indicate that there is nothing unexpected or surprising to be found in things quotidian.

In art criticism, "quotidian" refers to art works which reference mundane aspects of everyday life. When used in a negative sense, however, the word denotes art or any creative work that, while reflecting or incorporating everyday life, references something that is a very temporary phenomenon that will date the work.

In medicine, "quotidian fever" is a pattern of daily fever occasionally encountered in persons having malignancies or indolent infections like miliary tuberculosis.

from Wikipedia.

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Liz said...

:) if you had just done it correctly in the first place..