Friday, August 22, 2008

chocolate pave

Roger and Andrew just left for a camp out. It is so hot (heat index is 103 on the island but only 98 in Houston). Luckily all Brazos Bend campsites have electricity so they took a fan for each tent.
Tonight is a small pot luck; sooo I had a good excuse to make a dessert I've been wanting to make. Chocolate Brick. It sounds better in French; Chocolate Pave. Really easy to make unless you make raspberry sauce to go with it. I made raspberry sauce. I licked my plate. It was so good. simple really, just takes a long time.
Basically the raspberry sauce;
2 bags of frozen raspberries, placed over a tall thing in a strainer, catch the juice, boil it down. sieve the berries to get the pulp, add the pulp to the liquid add a bit of sugar. YUMMY tastes like fresh raspberries.

I'm going to have to make French toast and eat the syrup. Pancakes and waffles here we come. I may have to freeze this stuff. The author (The Cake Bible) claims it freezes and refreezes very well for over a year.. but there is only 2 cups of the stuff so it won't last that long.

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