Saturday, August 23, 2008

irish chain 2

When I was a little girl I often slept under a quilt that had been given to my mother when she was 8 by her great grandmother. It was a scrap Irish Chain with a yellow background.

This is my copy of it for my fifth baby. (One of the 5 I made that winter while I tried to get my broken foot to heal and grow a baby). I organized a scrap exchange where I cut strips and sewed strips for 2 full size Irish chains and one baby size. Guess where the full size Irish chains are? But isn't this pretty? I'm feeling some strings pulling me, pulling me to the sewing machine...

The back is from my grandmothers stash that I inherited parts of..well actually I think I inherited all of it. There is a wee bit of this fabric in Austin's quilt even if it does have pink bows on those puppies.

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