Tuesday, July 29, 2008

calendar quilt

I got the kids on the roof early yesterday to show Jeffrey's quilt and grabbed this one too. (Actually I was trying to find my Patriotic one to grab; that will have to found and posted about later.) I was surprised that they didn't complain more that they did. It gets hot early...actually it's hot all the time here but the roof hadn't had the sun shining on it for very long, so was not 'burning feet ' hot yet.

One year our guild had a secret sister exchange and I had NO money to spend so each month I appliquéd a 6 inch block for her. She hired someone to make it into quilt for her and it was so sweet I decided to do this but make the blocks larger. It's not as cute as the 6 inch version but it will have to do.

I designed most of these blocks and taught an appliqué class at a small quilt shop; The Rocking Chair in Baytown may years ago. If you look at the slate on September I wrote 112 meaning months 1- 12 and 94, the year I made the blocks; the 5 and 01 is the date I finished it. I also machine quilted my wedding date in the wedding cake that is in June's spot although my wedding was in August. I finished it when I realized I had several seasonal quilts to display but nothing to cover the months not covered by hearts, flags, or holly. Really since then I realize that January is the only month this gets out and I'm usually so worn out from Christmas that I don't bother.

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