Friday, July 11, 2008

baby book

They said they were going surfing....

They really did go surfing while Melissa,baby and I walked to took us 2.5hours. Yes we did do some shopping and resting so I can't count the whole time as exercise but it was an urban hike.

Here's Mom and new baby; 15 days old.

These are the scraps I bought for 'our' book project.

The first page I did; yellow was inspired by one in an shop. The orange also.

The green has scraps from a quilt Melissa made. The cupcake page was inspred by 'the cupcake prokect I read about on a blog. So I've made good progress but still have purple, red, black, brown and white to do.

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Liz said...

awesome! I want to come surf with you guys and bury Andrew! The book looks amazing. That Austin is a lucky boy.