Sunday, June 29, 2008

this is...

I have not kept up with the this is... thing over at three buttons but I have enjoyed reading many this is... entries.

I think last weeks theme was;
This is my favorite op shop find...
I'm assuming that an op shop is a thrift or resale shop.
Two years ago my daughter was getting married... besides all the work making the dress, baking the cake, making the food, fixing the house I had to find something to wear....
Her colors were blue and white and I could not find a blue dress that year. My mother finally located one for me in a catalog; Coldwater Creek, and I bought it knowing it would also need a shawl or something to camouflage my hips and a great necklace. The catalog also had the best necklace for it; a liquid silver multi strand beauty, on sale for $80. which was just too high after spending so much on the wedding.
A WEEK later I stopped at Hidden Treasures; a consignment furniture store looking for cake stands (needed to decorate the tables at the reception) and saw a liquid silver necklace in their display; for $20! It was swirled on top of a small green box from Coldwater Creek! I bought it and have worn it many many times.
As you can see from this wedding photo I didn't actually wear it at the wedding! Well, a drapey thing and flowers were enough.

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