Tuesday, June 10, 2008

scout camp

We are going crazy over here trying to pack for Scout camp. The living room is trashed with piles of scout stuff all over.
I made cool duffel bags for the 3 scouter's' dirty clothes including their names. About 2 weeks ago I was called by a friend who had some boxes of fabric that she did not want. Guess who got them? She moved them from their rubbermaid boxes into 4 kitchen trash bags, full. I have been walking around them since I was a bit overwhelmed. I finally pulled them out and did not find much I could use so put them in the trunk of the car to take to Goodwill.
So when I had the idea for the duffel bags we went to the trunk and found 3 solid green fabrics that would work and I used 2 of them up; with these bags:

Andrew had a big grin on his face under the duffel bag; I promise you he did!
The little white bits are tags I made with their names rubber stamped on.

Now I have an idea for kerchiefs for the boys to wear with their uniforms to dinner each night. I'm so glad I was slow in delivering the bags to Goodwill.

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Mel said...

those are soo cool!