Wednesday, June 4, 2008

muffins or brownies?

Why not both? I got a free year of Cook's Country (cause I submitted one of my cooking disaster and they printed it and gave me a year.) They had a contest and printed 4 muffin recipes. Jeffrey made the mistake of telling me one of them looked interesting. So we made them today. The recipe called for 8 oz of sausage but we had cooked a whole pound so had to make a double batch. The muffins are alright but J and A are not crazy about them... and R and I should not eat them... you know sausage, butter and cheese. So what should I do with them?

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Mel said...

Nice hairdo bro! Those muffins look huge! Did you cook them in a cake pan? Ok, just kidding, but they are gigantic. I suggest freezing the muffins and some day when J or A is really hungry they might just eat one.