Monday, June 2, 2008

chicken dinner

Tonight's dinner was great.
I used Ree's potato recipe, 'cept I used russets and microwaved them first.
I roast my chicken with it butterflied, cut with kitchen scissors down the backbone, press down into my large cast iron skillet, put in 450 oven for 55 minutes or so. Since both ovens were on high I also cooked 6 peppers for our salad while the potatoes were cooking; then we had some lettuce and green beans. The boy's had ice cream for dessert...(I owed Andrew a root beer float since he had no late papers the last week of school., but there was only 1 can of root beer left and J had had his root beer float about 5 days ago so IT WAS FAIR!)

I'm GOING CRAZY trying to design and make sleeves for a strapless wedding dress for a friends daughter. I thought I'd have one done by tomorrow so they could start beading it but Andrew's Arrow of Light ceremony is tomorrow night and I need to make a cool arrow of light banner for his cub scout pins and badges.... luckily the wedding isn't until the end of July.

My have to's for the rest of the week;
1 1/2 wedding sleeves
Arrow of light banner-Tuesday
refreshments for arrow of light-Tuesday
bind a LARGE twin Hawaiian quilt-Tuesday
sew label on Hawaiian quilt-Tuesday
make label for baby Hawaiian quilt and sew it on-Tuesday
make snack for graduation party-Tuesday(after the Arrow of Light)
finish quilting grandson's baby quilt
make label and attach to grandson's baby quilt
bind and sew rod pocket on grandson's baby quilt
get package ready and sent to grandson's Mom (baby is due June 15)
Not to mention the 2 doctor appointments we have this week, 1 in Houston so it will take half a day.
I also have to fit in a 2 mile walk each day and cooking meals and blogging of course.

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