Wednesday, May 14, 2008

works for me wednesday

I decided to go for another 'Works for me Wednesday' post.
I have a trick that has kept my children doing laundry for ...oh about 20 years. I drop a bit of loose change in the washer occasionally and whoever moves the laundry gets to keep it. I know they have no idea that it is planted. The deal is loose change is keepable but bills are not. If you find paper money you try to find the owner or it goes in the family fun dish.

Another 'works for me Wednesday' is a sandwich I just decided I like that is low fat. Tuna mixed with non-fat cottage cheese, add some celery and pickle if you like and it tastes good and helps me stay on this low-fat diet my gall bladder has put me on.


Mel said...

what??? you planted that money?

I should have known...

Ms. Porter said...

ahhhhh, i just can't sub the it way too much. hope your gallbladder is dealt with soon.