Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I finally finished the tests and Dr. appointments and am having my gallbladder removed today. It seems strange to learn that we function fine without a body part. I could wait but I can't see waiting until I'm sicker. I can eat without making my stomach hurt but even 1 muffin will cause a couple hours of a stomach ache. I've been very careful since my last bad episode to limit any fatty food so I haven't felt really bad since I ate a piece of delicious wedding cake in UT.
I did a google search for images of gallstones; trust me you don't really want to see the images that came up.

On the happy side there are only 7 more days of school. Jeffrey finished 'his' wildflower project. I enjoyed helping him with it but am glad it gets turned in today. I could have really taken over and did more and more flowers... then arranged them artistically... I suggested that he dry a bunch of red, white, and blue flowers to make a flag for his mother for Mother's Day...didn't happen.
On to his next big project, due Friday. The phases of the moon; where he goes out and draws a picture of the moon every night for 30 days. Has that been happening? No, because he decided he could get the information on line and wouldn't actually have to look at the moon. (He did try for several nights and it was overcast so he couldn't see the moon.) I learned yesterday that the moon sites are not perfectly reliable and a computer picture is NOT OK.


Angela said...

Wait are you really having it removed today? Not tomorrow or next week? Whats your recovering time going to be like?

Serena said...

Good luck with the procedure. Hope all goes well !!

Lisa said...

I hope all went well and you are on the way to recovery now.

Baby Boomer Grammy said...

Hope all has gone well with your surgery and you are recovering without much pain at home.