Thursday, February 7, 2008

sew behind

I have not forgotten you.
I decided to post a picture of what I've been working on instead of waiting until I finished.
I have 2 daughters, both are expecting their first child. Both are expecting boys.
I decided to crochet around a couple of pieces of flannel for them some receiving blankets. This is one of them. I am not finished with any of the 5 I've started. I'm close and evidently my new policy of deleting the worst photos immediately eliminated the photo of the stack of them. They will get finished, they will get photographed and they will get blogged about. Soon.


Liz said...

I call the second one.. I really like the blue one. :)

MM said...

I'm one of Angela's friends and found your blog through hers. I had a question about these blankets. I'm looking to do something similar, did you just crochet around the edges or did you have to punch holes around the edges first? I'm just looking at the flannel and questioning if a tiny metal crochet hook will just stab through it? Thanks!