Saturday, February 9, 2008

sew behind continued

This is what we did last Saturday. I went for the bike ride also, but someone had to take the picture and since Dad is missing in a great many of our photos I elected to take this one. I've learned that if I want to go on a 30 minute bike ride I have to go away from my house for 15 minutes then I have to go the last 15 minutes to get home. If I'm just going around the neighborhood I end up giving out at 20 minutes or 28 minutes but never make it to 30.
Here are the five blankets I've crocheted around, each is crocheted with a different pattern. The pink one is the only one that doesn't have the crochet finished. Now I'm hunting alligator embroidery patterns ;( they don't exsist. I have looked at 987 pictures of alligators on google pictures and nothing seems right. I don't think I'll put an alligator on the pink one. Finding an idea for a 'girl' things is easy; finding a cool boy thing to embroider is a bit harder. oh, I bought flannel for 2 more. I sure hope no one else is making blankets for my 2 grandson's.

Attending the temple today was my way to commemorate Brian's death since it is difficult to put flowers on his grave when I live so far away. I have spent a lot of time lately thinking of him. I think attending the weddings of his friends makes me think more of him. It's not terribly sad, although I am weepy, because I am at peace about what his mission is. I just sometimes wish he could send me a picture. I dreamt about him last week for the first time since he died 9 years ago. In the dream he was leading us to safety; which I think could be literally true since he was so careful to always choose the right, if we follow his example we will be led in the right direction.
It dawned on me that his hair is still very red since he won't be aging like normal red-heads. Do you have freckles in heaven?

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Liz said...

Those blankets are beautiful. I love you.