Tuesday, January 15, 2008

we finished the New Testament!

Last January our 9 year old said he wanted to read the Old Testament. We started with the King James Version and read Genesis. After Genesis he wanted to read the Book of Revelations. then we started at the beginning of the New Testament and read, round robin style until tonight when we finished! The goal was to read every night together. If you do the math you'll know that we fell short of THAT goal but the bigger goal was to READ it, and that we did.
Genesis 78 pages
N. T. 403 pages
total 481 pages
We generally read 1 column each, so that is 2 pages a day. So, roughly we read half of the days of the year.

I decided to get my daughters maternity dress altered to day. SUPPOSED to be easy. Cut off the bottom 5 inches of black fabric and add a 12 inch section. HA!
  • Since we just got a new set of mattresses ALL the boxes of fabric (that are kept under the bed) had been moved to the guest room right in front of the serger.
  • No problem, I'll just use my sewing machine.
  • Problem; the sleazy, non-cotton, yukky fabric kept getting pulled into the bobbin area.
  • I guess I could just move the boxes to in front of the closet.
  • Rethreaded the serger 3 times to get it to look right then realized that
  • there was NO foot peddle or cord!
  • Looked for the foot peddle and cord for a long, long time.
  • Finally found them and rethreaded the machine.
  • Sewed the dress. It was still NO fun since the fabric is sleazy, non-cotton, yukky not easy to manage.
  • Took 4 hours!
It is a cute dress and will look lovely on her. Here's hoping she posts a picture when she gets it.

(I'm putting several subjects in one blog to keep from getting up to that magic 200th post too soon.)

Another hint; I used hot glue, needle, thread and a Reader's Digest condensed book.

p.s. Now I need something in the closet that has the pile of boxes in front of! :P

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Angela said...

Congrats on getting the dress done...sounds like just a "little" bit of work.