Wednesday, January 16, 2008

give away and knitting

My 200th post is coming up and I spent today making my give away. Since my little sister and I exchange a homemade valentine each year I had to make her one too. Then If I make one for my sister I should make one for my's only right to honor your Mother this way. (Daughters are you reading this?) This is what the table looked like after my prototype session Monday night.
If you want to be in the running for this give-away you need to make a comment.

Here is the FINISHED KNITTED baby blanket. My largest knitting project ever. (The sweater I started at about 16 does not count since my Mother finished it for me.)I love the woven effect. My 12 year old thinks I should knit another just like it and sew them back to back since he doesn't like the back side! Not happening. The baby isn't due until the end of March so I still have time to 'whip up' a baby quilt!

Here it is 'in use.'


Mel said...

little bro looks like a good babysitter... I'll have to keep that in mind.. :)

So.. why don't you make some valentines for your daughter's? To show that you love us?

Amy said...

The baby blanket is beautiful. You make the most amazing things.

Angela said...

I can't decide if you like the crafting result or the making a mess more! ;-)

Annie said...

Love the baby blanket! I love visiting your blog. I will try and comment more. Have a great day!

Liz said...

It is so beautiful! Carter says he likes it too! Not a big fan of the ugly little girl you let use his blanket.. but he will forgive you. :)

Tim and Maria Jones said...

I love the woven look!