Monday, January 14, 2008

virtual thrift shopping

This is a black skirt I found Saturday for $2.00 I wore it Sunday. It is floor length, a bit too long for my tastes, I rolled the waist band yesterday but it really needs to be hemmed up.

This is a wool sweater, with a hole on the back. I've washed it once here and taken the buttons off; $1.50. I went through 2 racks of sweaters and found 2 wool ones, 1 was pretty. This one.
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The buttons off the above sweater; rhinestones :)

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At another thrift store I got two boy's plaid shirts; $1.00 each-the store was having a half off clothing sale. These would fit one of my boys but they would never wear them. I will use the plaid fabric in them for my funeral quilt. Notice the Ralph Lauren label in the blue one.
I'm going to fudge and go back to the thrift store today since I can't remember the name and maybe there will be more goodies to post.


Angela said...

What is a funeral quilt?

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Angela's question is mine, too.

I love that sweater will you make something felty out of it? Rhinestone buttons, I [heart} them!

Thanks for joining us on the hunt. Have a pastry and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing! haha love the buttons off the sweater!


Heidi ( said...

Me too...what is a funeral quilt? I've never heard of that! I've always wanted to learn about felting the wool sweaters, to be honest, I don't have a clue! I think you wash and shrink them, and then cut into shapes for projects?
Come see my finds when you can!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie. The kimono shops in Japan are amazingly impressive. I observed the women dress with a high degree of style. My daughter had the opportunity to participate in a Japanese festival, dressing in a vintage kimono, one tall American among dozens Japanese ladies.
Thanks for the comment.