Thursday, January 31, 2008


What is my daughter doing? I thought there was a rule against tagging your Mother. Is there something about me she doesn't already know? I don't thinks so.

1.What are FOUR jobs that you have had in life?
My first job was working as a nurse's aide at a small nursing home nearby. I had had some training as a volunteer at a hospital. Useful stuff like how to give a bed-bath and how to change the bedding with a person in it. How to put a bedpan under someone. I never realized how useful this training would be later in life. I was 15, had to get a permit to work so young. They closed the doors on this nursing fact I think they still owe me some money.
My next job was waitressing at a family restaurant close to downtown Denver. It was one of a chain; BIG BOY'S, I still love their seasoning salt. I found it again about 4 years ago and bought a case for me and my oldest daughter.
I worked as a painter's helper the summer I was engaged and getting ready for my wedding.
I worked in a sewing factory the first winter we were married. Sewing.

2.What are FOUR places you have been?
Only 4?
I've been to London to visit the queen. Well I didn't visit the queen but I saw Princess Di. LOVED LONDON.
I touched Mexican soil by visiting Big Bend National Park and canoeing over the Rio Grande.
I've been to Canada, twice! Niagara Falls (twice) on the east and, then years later, Victoria on the West coast.
I visited New York City.

3.What are FOUR of your favorite foods?

My favorite cake is a cake I made once in 1991; It took me 3 days. Cranberry curd, lemon curd and a sponge, layered and frosted with whipping cream. Yum! (My kids didn't like it.)
I love bread pudding. (My kids don't like bread pudding.)
Steak, eggs and hashbrowns is my favorite breakfast; with Big Boy's seasoning salt.
A Good homemade brownie with nuts... almost any good homemade cookie, with nuts and chocolate.

4.Who are FOUR people you would like to get to know better?
My neighbors, I hate that everyone is so busy that we don't know the people that live near us.
My sisters; We live so far apart that I know their friends know them better than I do.
My in-laws; I mean my daughter-in-law and my 2 sons-in-law. The live thousands of miles away; I guess I'll get to know them better since they will be around for a LONG time.

5.FOUR reasons I love being me?
I make GOOD food.
I can learn, if I want to know something I find a book and then do it.
I can teach; although I only substitute taught one year with my teaching degree teaching seems to be a talent.
I love children.

6.What are FOUR classes you wish were offered to you that you could participate in for FREE right now?
House cleaning/organizing-but only a hands on class- the class comes over here and learns by doing.
Electronic scrap-booking
Wood refinishing- another hands on class. I have enough questions and projects to keep the class going for quite some time. I checked out a book though so I'll tutor myself on that. I have to get busy since it will be too hot to do anything outside in about 2 months.

7. is to tag 4 people, but I won't do that. It's too much like a chain letter and I HATE those and never participate. (another random fact about me.)

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