Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today is the day. I've done the drawing of the 14 people that signed up and Jenna Z won. She gets to choose one of these hearts and then I'll mail it to her. They all have a pin back. The cashmere is sooo soft, I'm putting one of these on my sweater.
  1. Top left is a cashmere ribbing heart with 3 x's backed with a piece of felled red wool and stitched with a rayon ribbon.
  2. Next is a felled wool striped sweater stitched to a piece of dark pink felled ribbing.
  3. a cashmere heart backed with red wool and stitched with silk buttonhole twist and the word LUV embroidered to the front.
  4. A felled wool sweater glued to a pinked page of a book. Flat, unstuffed.
  5. This heart is cashmere and has the pinked page of a book behind it but for some reason has a glue smudge on it. (Which I didn't notice till I got the pictures into the computer.)
  6. This one is just like the first except it is not made from the ribbing.
  7. This 3-button one is backed with an acrylic sweater and has 3 mother of pearl buttons.
  8. This one is made like #7 but with a heart mother of pearl button and a bit of my grandmother's rick rack.
  9. Made with the cashmere and stitched with wool thread with or with out the scrap of antique lace (It isn't sewn on yet so if you prefer it with out I'll not stitch it down.)
  10. Made with the burgundy acrylic sweater, stitched with wool, added an old mother of pearl button and a scrap of Grandma's rick rack.
There you have 2 days of work. I hope you enjoy your pin. Some of these are going into my etsy shop and some to family. ;)

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Jenna Z said...

Oooh, thank you so much! I will email you right away with my mailing address! My very favorite is number eight, gotta love rick rack! Thanks!