Thursday, January 31, 2008


Amy over at the angry chicken/tie one on challenged everyone to do a polka dot apron. Deadline Feb. 1. TOMORROW. I started my THREE aprons today. Truth is I wasn't sure I was going to do it until my FUNK yesterday when I found some fabric I needed an excuse to buy. Actually I'd been thinking of the challenge for a couple weeks but couldn't get excited about it. Liz's birthday is coming and I thought I'd make her an apron... but then I made one for her sister and sister-in-law. I'm not going to tell you whose is whose; there should be some surprise to the birthday gift.

Did you notice all that bias binding? Homemade bias binding? That is a lot of binding! I figured that I needed at least 170 inches for each apron. 170 x 3 = 14+ yards of bias but I did more, probably an extra 3 yards per apron... don't ask me why. Each time I estimated I estimated up and ended up with plenty... Andrew could wrap the strings around his waist 5 times! If you EVER do Bias binding get the bias making tool first. I think I have the Dritz brand. I've had it for years but have not used it until recently but I would never make bias tape without it. 100% cotton made a more consistently even bias. The polycotton got wider near each seam. Icut the fabric at 2". One yard is enough for 1 apron and the bias for the other apron or for 2 aprons and you could use purchased binding.


Angela said...

That is sooooo cool! I got excited when I saw it was for L and then shouted for joy to Reed when I saw you'd also decided to make them for her "sister and sister-in-law" even if that sister-in-law is someone else, oh wait, I'm her only one so far, lucky me. I can't wait to see who's is who's. My guess is the blue is for L since in the past you've referenced wanting to do blue since her wedding was blue. And I don't know about the other two. I passionately love the striped one but don't know M's taste well enough. And well its a gift, and they are all cute so I'd wear whatever I was given if I was given any.

Oh, and I totally laughed over how you needed an excuse to buy some fabric. I swear over the last few years I've heard the "excuse to buy ____" a few times. And each time I smile and laugh. Anyway great job, they look great!

Oh, and A's legs look great! I love the rolled short legs.

bj said...

Happy sewing....
these are cute. I am thinking of starting an apron collection. Did you see the ones Cindy of My Romantic Home posted today. All white and lovely.
hugs, bj

Felicia said...

Love your aprons :)