Tuesday, December 18, 2007

new snafu

I interrupt this regularly scheduled vacation to tell you about our latest snafu. We decided to head for Fielding, Utah (Where Roger's brother, Kyle lives) about noon today. The scenery was great and we had clear skies. We arrived about 3 o'clock. About 4 o'clock Jeffrey said he didn't feel well and started to throw-up. It is 4 hours later and he still can't keep anything down. We decided to stay in Fielding instead of taking what ever it is down to Roger's folks. I've been knitting and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is on. Andrew is playing Kaylene's new Nintendo D.S.....which is a trifle weird; he rarely plays video games. Kaylene made us cocoa latte, which I had never hear of and we ordered pizza.
Latest bulletin on Jeffrey; he is up and watching the movie AND has kept some soda down!


Angela said...

Haha. Sorry to laugh Jeffrey...but this trip has had some "fun" twists. Basically one thing after another...well we'll see you whenever you get here. Enjoy!

Annie said...

So sorry to hear that your son isn't well. No fun to be sick, especially on vacation. Hope you are enjoying your stay. Have safe travels!