Friday, December 7, 2007

knitted blanket

The saga of the baby blanket returns. There was only 1 more skein of yarn. I studied the pattern in the $20 book (knit with cashmere!) and I think I can make it, it is similar to the one in the library book, but smaller. The one I figured out last week was an alternating squares pattern, this new one is a basket weave. I'm knitting another swatch and I'm liking it, but I do have to stay on my toes to keep track of it. Then back to weighing and figuring again.

I promised pictures of my sister's icicles I've taken them 2 days in a row and if these aren't great they will have to do. I love looking at them, I made some from a kit I purchased years ago but they don't have the charm of these. I have 31 homemade icicles and 2 dozen purchased plain ones.

This next photo is of the baby quilt I made my second child; in 1979! that was soo long ago. I had fun doing this and the turtle was one of those cut out and stuff things that I machine appliqued, then quilted with yarn. Polyester gingham and polyester batting. Even if I did this now I would put more rows of 'quilting'. He used this alot but I noticed the the edge is still basted. His older sister has a similar one with a teddy bear on pink gingham. The gingham made it so you didn't have to do any marking. This got a picture taken because I am taking it to give to my son who has 2 boy's of his own now.

I still like this turtle :)


Angela said...

Thats exciting! My boys will love it!

Sabrena said...

That is so cute!! I love the quilt and I bet the boys will really love it!