Monday, November 5, 2007


I'm thankful for light bulbs! Wouldn't working on the computer by the light of a candle be the pits? I had to go buy new light bulbs today. In the past you had a choice of 30 watt, 60 watt 100 watt, and 120 watt. We have about 45 different choices now. fluorescent? incandescent, spot, chandelier, long life, frosted, day light, clear, besides the different watts with in each kind. Luckily my mind has grown with the choices and I did not find the choices too overwhelming---nothing like choosing which fabric to put as the border in a quilt! When I look at antique quilts I remember that they did not have the choices that we have. their local mercantile probably did not carry 80 different brown prints. They still made stunning quilts. I try to remind myself of that when I am shopping and not stress over the 1000's of choices that we make weekly.

So maybe I'm grateful for choices, although some days it would be simpler to not have those choices. Nevertheless most of the time I love getting to choose from the variety modern life has to offer. Unfortunately (or fortunately-depending on your mood or the amount of sleep you've had lately) since I can sew my choices are even larger. I am not limited to the skirts that I can find at Wal-mart or Dillards; I can envision a garment and then make it! Sometimes this is great and sometimes it is a burden. Sewers are spoiled. We can make things that fit. Fit our pocketbook. Fit our vision. Fit our bodies. Fit our living rooms. But not always fit the time available. (Although after shopping for a skirt with a friend and going to EVERY store at the mall and trying on EVERY skirt available it would have been faster to make one!) Choices we love them!

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