Tuesday, November 6, 2007

salt and pepper

It's after 10 again. I was going to write earlier today. But life gets in the way. I went to my mat Pilate's class this morning; the time has moved from 10:15 to 8:30. I really like the new time. I just have time to get the boys off to school and then get ready to go.

My mittens. I can't wait to show them to you. Initially they were a little to big for Grandma. After one shrinking I could barely get them on. They are in the washer for their second wash... I took 25 pictures (refer to yesterdays post about choices and maybe 25 is too many...) of the mittens trying to find something to gauge the size against. While they washed I realized that a ruler probably would have worked just fine. duh.

So what am I grateful for today? Sunday during group time at church for the children my ds10 said he was grateful for salt and pepper. I thought that was an odd response for him. Later I read his grateful journal that he made during the lesson. It has several things that I thought were great but not what I expected of a 10 year old boy. I'll mention of few more of his entries in the coming days.

I, too, am grateful for salt and pepper. I made chicken noodle soup yesterday and served it with a great blend of vegetables, meat, noodles and broth...3 cloves of garlic was perfect. I forgot the salt and the pepper. So I served it at the table. Salt and pepper just gave it a brightness and bite that bumped the soup up from okay to great! After thinking yesterday of the great variety of choices we have available to us it is nice to have plain old salt and pepper still shine.


Paige said...

I came over here from Ordinary Mom's blog to let you know I think that Lasagna idea is FANTASTIC! I could do that (maybe). I'd love to have your recipe, if you wouldn't mind sharing.

Liz said...

I have to say that hard boiled eggs without salt and pepper are horrible! It is amazing how little things make a huge difference.