Friday, November 23, 2007

9-patch Thanksgiving

Here we are at about 2 p.m. before the green beans were found (hiding in the oven). Notice the mashed potatoes close to my elbow. A new recipe and very good, I made them the day before. One thing I love about Thanksgiving...I don't have to cook for a week! The turkey was on the table in the photo but then moved back to the kitchen to be carved, to difficult and messy at the table. I love the turkey platter that my Mother bought for me years ago. Ooops we almost forgot the cranberry sauce, another new recipe. The cranberries were so easy I can't believe I ever opened a can. 1 bag cranberries, 1/2 cup apple cider, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 can mandarin oranges, zest of 2 oranges, cooked together, then mashed. I have a great zester from The Pampered Chef that makes zesting a breeze. (I justified buying it last year when I was doing a great deal of cooking for a wedding.) This is a doll quilt I made for Liz. Her initials are quilted in the white squares and her doll's name, Amy, is in the neighboring ones. The squares are 1".
This is one I made just because I saw one in Little Quilts that I loved. I hosted an exchange of these in blue and red and made a gazillion of them. They are 3/4".
This is another exchange. The top is fabulous in person. The squares are 1-1/2". The blocks were done by November 1991. My plan is to make a 'coin' back for it.
My oldest daughter is thinking about making a quilt; a 9-patch so when I saw this one I had to show it to her. I love 9-patches and have even made a few. There is a twin top, a double 9-patch, that I couldn't find. The blue 9-patch doll quilt is made from it's leftovers. Looking through my notebook I found a few more 9-patches, I'll have to post about them again.
The last 9-patch is about 50 years old. My grandmother made this for me, for Christmas I think. I played with dolls a lot and this got a work-out. It's tied with red yarn. (I thought she made 5 of these, but I just talked to my little sister and she doesn't remember one. I know there was more than one but how many? and there were some left overs in her scrap bag when she died.)

Since posting this I spoke with 'the sister that generally remembers EVERYTHING' and she agreed with me that there were indeed 5 of these. I remember that the sashings were each different (and I suspect they were from flour sacks) and I found out from examining the 9-patches in her scraps, she very carefully pressed each seam open. I recognize some of the patches as being scraps from square dance dresses that my older sisters had.


bj said...

Oh, I do love the 9 patch. I've made 2 of the large, full size quilts and love both of them. I am almost in the mood to take on another one....I LOVE making the quilt tops...I HATE the quilting. I do mine on the machine and it is sooo ;hard. Every muscle in my body aches when I am finished. I use my mom's old Singer machine...wish I had a fancy one that does so many things. Oh, well...
Happy day, bj

Mel said...

Those are great mom! I don't remember the bigger one, with the variety of solid fabrics. It is great! I like them all. I think the hardest part about this for me will be shopping for the perfect fabric... I can never decide!