Friday, November 16, 2007

creative mess

I had a great visit with my folks for the last 2 weeks. We started out their visit with a day at Quilt Festival, but that seems so long ago; like it was a dream. What DID I see there? What DID I buy there?
For awhile we cleaned a little bit each day and my house stated looking better... THEN we started the projects... The dining room became the focus for one project and then, without cleaning the dining room (of course) we worked at the kitchen table for another. Remember the cookies? They destroyed the kitchen itself. Oh, and the sewing room where I made the luggage tags and attempted a velour pillow. Then the living room was where we rested when we were too tired to do anything else.
I had actually cleaned off the coffee table and kept it cleaned off for 3 days! My coffee table is large and it has BIG drawers and I decided to clean out the drawers and use them for actual current stuff (like yarn for knitting instead of the Baltimore album blocks I was working on 4 years ago). Well, I was too tired to walk the piles to a new place so they are just sitting on top, with more piled on top of that! (I was a GOOD MAMA last night and helped my 10 year old organize his backpack- he was carrying around papers from the first day of school.) So today I am going to get one room under control and it'll have to be the kitchen/breakfast room since eating around glitter is not the safest. (I love that tiny silver, gold and iridescent glitter we used, but it is now scattered all through the house but still mostly concentrated in the kitchen.)
Which leads me to my hint of the day about what we have been up to. Here's a list of what we used; flour, thread, wire, wire cutters, salt, glitter, paint, gold and silver marker, starch, pins, beads, sequins, ribbon, hook, rolling pin, and cookie cutter.
Luckily :( my car is in the shop so I can't decide that the most important thing right now is shopping for MORE velour, or ball fringe, or glitter!

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