Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So someone suggested I blog a little about THE WEDDING I did last year. I was just sitting here wondering what I was doing last yearso I checked my e-mail and copied this here; Liz is getting married Dec. 27 so I am pretty busy trying to get everything done for that. Today I poured 3 of the 45 candles I think I need. I've made candles forever it feels like and still have more to go. Liz's dress is just sitting there waiting for me to work on it. the 4 skirts are also waiting. I have been looking for a dress for me, not fun. Today I looked at Jenny Craig and L.A. Weight Loss to try to figure out how to lose some weight before the wedding. I've added exercise to my life, I still hate it though, and have not lost any weight, even though I'm doing weights 3 times a week and Pilate's 3 times a week.
love, Laurie

I did not loose weight, or join the weight-loss programs, but I kept up the exercise until December and resumed about the middle of January. The candles did not become a hobby. Thank Goodness! I made the candles because we wanted a variety of shades of blue and white/cream candles without an olfactory mix-up (not have a dozen different smells coming off the lit candles). We also did these cool wax hurricanes that are demonstrated here. We used black and white line drawings of Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Then for the Grooms table we did some of the happy couple and of his life. I purchased the taper candles but made lots of pillars in blues and whites with hyacinth scent. The candles on the cake plate were a mock-up to help me decide on the number of candles needed for the centers of the tables. Evidently there are no photos of the finished tables.

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