Tuesday, October 9, 2007

dumb things

Another We all do dumb things entry.
Friday I got home from the grocery store about 5:30. I got the chickens ready to go in the oven. Preheated the oven and forgot to put the chicken in the oven! Then when I walked through the kitchen and saw the chickens I put them in. We would still get to eat about 7:30. An hour later I go and check on the chickens in the oven and they are still COLD! I had preheated the wrong oven, and didn't even notice that there was no warm air coming out when I opened the oven door! So I turned the oven up to 400 and moved the chickens to the lower oven. Which meant we would have sandwiches for dinner but wait we are out of bread! Can't even remember what we ate. I think we just ate apples (I know I cut up one jonagold's) and the boy's and I had been shopping at HEB which give samples and I had bought them a doughnut. Oh yes I guess the boy's had doughnuts for supper!

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