Tuesday, October 16, 2007

halloween/fall pillow

Yep, another pillow. This one did not take 30 years of thinking to make. Only about 3 weeks. One night a week ago I couldn't sleep (awake until 4 a.m.) so got up and sewed the black pillow. I had bought the fabric and pillow form earlier for just this project. Then it took awhile because I thought I might have a scrap of Halloween fabric to use for the pillow's mini-skirt. (I never wore one in high school and didn't even realize there was a deep down desire for one; now I have one.) When I finally found my stash of Halloween fabric it was all in a small zip lock bag with nothing large enough to use. I did not want to piece or applique anything, I wanted something fast and easy. So when I delivered my 4 dozen patterns the quilt shop ordered I bought 1/4 yard of this happy pumpkin fabric (the pumpkins will work or Halloween AND Thanksgiving!). I had planned on the 'skirt' being more like a sleeve but due to the directionality of the print and my pocketbook (I would have needed to buy another 4 inches of fabric!) I came up with this (I wanted 4 ties instead of 2 but this is all the fabric I had.) How do you take a bright orange rickrack and change it to go with the muted orange of the fabric? Take a dollop of brown paint, dilute it with water, drop in the rickrack, squeeze it several times, rinse it a bit since it is too dark, dry it, iron it and apply. It almost took longer to write about it than it did to make it.


Angela said...

I can see making a pillow in hte middle of hte night. But I've never known anyone who dyed fabrics and I'm getting used to hte fact that you do it. Its pretty cool. But for real, I'd not have thought to dye my rikrack. Its just makes me laugh.

Liz said...

I think this looks great! I might buy a pillow from you.