Friday, October 12, 2007

My masterpiece

This is my best far. The blue and yellow was made for our daughter's wedding. (We have a deal with the kids...I don't start a quilt for them until AFTER I recover from putting on the wedding AND I have 5 years to get it finished. After all I may get interrupted to make a baby quilt or 2. I only took 3 years to get this one done.) The baskets were done during a year of 'Saturday Sampler' at the local quilt shop. Then I played with ideas for settings so that I got 13 12-inch blocks to be queen size quilt. (There are 13 basket blocks and 12 alternating blocks, the reverse could be done too.) I hired someone to do all the background machine quilting then I did my own machine quilting in each block customizing to fit the bride and groom and adding lots of hearts.
The red, green and black is a Trip Around The World. One that was beset with mistakes. I cut a bunch of the strips at 2 1/2" instead of 3 1/2" so then I got to redesign the quilt. It was also made with 'stash' fabric so I used one of the fabric to the last 1/4 inch. Everything had to be cut lengthwise so the snowmen in one of the fabrics would be right side up. I didn't even like it when I got the first quarter done and since I was busy with a very ill child a 2 year old and infant, (not to mention the other healthy, busy, helpful 3 children) so I put it away for about 5 years. I finally finished it and really do like it now.
Notice the Halloween one to the right of the 'Trip' one, it was made using copies of Halloween postcards put onto fabric and has the same setting as my 'Victorian Santa' that are on my sidebar. I like it better than the 'Santa' one because there is a 'postcard' in every spot instead of alternating.

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Mel said...

Thanks Mom! I love my quilt, I agree it is the most beatiful quilt you have ever done, and the best one I have ever seen! (And I have seen ALOT of quilts... yeah okay so not so much since I left Houston, but there were a lot in Houston!) Whenever we have friends over I show them my bed. It is the coolest bed in the world, everyone loves the details of the quilt. The temple, the doves, the hearts, the words, etc, etc! Amazing work! I love it!