Friday, October 12, 2007


Here is a small bag i made a few years ago. It is basically worthless but cute. It isn't big enough to work as a trick or treat bag...maybe it could be used on a pillow. Now it hangs from the newel post by the front door.
A. wrote down his interests on a 'resume' (he's 10) for school. His interests are: 'reading, watching other people play video games.' How sad is that? So, I have made him my photographer. He took this shot and the one of the bats from yesterday (and a bunch of others that need to be redone) but we'll see if he continues to enjoy taking pictures.
i bought the stuff to try my version of this recipe: I have not made this before, but my version uses no J.peppers, regular sausage, and MILD rotell tomatoes. Everything I have ever tasted using regular rotell tomatoes has been tooooo spicy for me. Roger is going to a rock-climbing boy scout training meeting this week end so we are splurging and eating something with 4 legs! Pork.
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