Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I went hunting for some Halloween fun and found these games on line; The first one is for the younger children dressing up a doll for Halloween. This next one is a simple game of collecting apples. This one is kind of a spooky hangman but fun. This is a matching game. There are some pretty spooky games out there but these are pretty harmless and fun. Now if only my kids had time to play them.
Our ds12 is in junior high band and they have something every night for the rest of the week. Why would they put their concert the same week as the high school football game they have, I mean get to play at?
I just got a call to remind me of a dessert that I signed up to bring; oh it must have been a month ago. It gives me an excuse to make these or maybe this. I love everything I've ever had with that cream cheese stuff in it, and really I ought to make something that isn't chocolate and take advantage of the fruit before winter sets in. I think I talked myself into the pear thing.

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